USC Grad Fest

Lorena Alvarez
8 months agoFebruary 22, 2022
I am out of state but have family that lives in Los Angeles. Can they be the ones to drop it off at the bookstore if I am unable to leave it at one of the drop off locations?
Beth Levin
8 months agoFebruary 22, 2022
Yes.  Most graduates will drop their regalia at one of the convenient drop locations near their commencement ceremony or at the bookstore on the day of their ceremony.  If that is not possible, a family member can return it for you.  All regalia is RFID tagged and returns are scanned in during the dry cleaning process.
Sharon Hoffman
7 months agoMarch 13, 2022
Is it too late to register for the Baccalaureate dinner?
Brittany Bynum
6 months agoApril 11, 2022
I am a Master's student and I was wondering are we able to rent the cap and gown and buy the hood separately ?
Raya Hoque
6 months agoApril 12, 2022
Hi, I am a master's student and have not bought my cap and gown yet. 
In the video, it says it will take 6 weeks for customization and delivery 4-5 days. With the graduation ceremony in May, is it possible to get it sooner?
6 months agoApril 12, 2022
I rented my cap, gown and hood and they were at my door in northern california within 1 week
6 months agoApril 14, 2022
Are we given a tassel or do we have to purchase a tassel?
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